Conservation Committee

The Conservation committee (previously titled Grounds & Landscaping or Open Space) works with the allocated budget to enhance the common area landscaping of the community.

Some examples of duties:

  • make recommendations to the Board about when and where to plant more trees, shrubs, and flowers within the community, mulching, seeding, etc.
  • review the landscaping contract
  • communicate with the landscaping company regarding any issues


Carol Joseph, Jeff Akers, Mark Long

“Conservation Corner” – The Pond

Carol Joseph has been working on the pond to keep it healthy. Check back here for updates on Carol’s progress.

Acoustic Monitoring of Bat Populations

Carol’s report: Our last bat monitoring event was conducted on 4/28/19.  We’ve had rain over the last several Sundays, so tonight was the first time we’ve been able to monitor again.  We had a total of 120 recorded calls with the following highlights:

  • Our tri-colored bats (PERSUB) have disappeared and no calls were recorded.  These are the bats impacted by white nose syndrome.
  • 2 calls recorded for federally endangered bats (Indiana bat (MYOSOD) and Gray bat (MYOGRI)), but not sure if these were just anomalies.
  • 59 calls recorded for Hoary bats (LASCIN)
  • 38 calls recorded for Silver-haired bats (LASNOC)

Below are counts for each species (abbreviations are used with common names listed in the table).

Bat monitoring chart
Bat monitoring results

Here are bat monitoring results for the last several weeks:

Carisbrooke Bat Monitoring
Carisbrooke Bat Monitoring
The Carisbrooke Pond