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HOA Dues Payment

To make association payments, there are several options to utilize. Please see below. If you have any questions on payments, please contact Quame Bailey at Qbailey@rosewoodmcs.com.

  • ACH (Automatic Withdrawal), E-CHECK AND CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS VIA ComWeb Resident Portal: ComWeb resident portal allows residents 24/7 access to their HOA account to check their balance, easily make payments and stay up to date on community news. To register go to comwebportaI.com/register OR use the link received in the portal email sent from Rosewood. See flyer attached for additional information on how to register and set up online payments.
  • Very Important information – auto pay is processed once per month on the 3rd/4th of the month. To pay your past due amounts, you will need to set up a one-time payment. Unfortunately, there is a $2.95 processing fee for ACH payments and a 3% processing fee for credit card payments. If you do not want to pay this one-time processing fee, you may drop a check at the front desk or you may choose an option below. I will not be able to field complaints regarding the processing fee. This is a third-party processing fee and not controlled by Rosewood.
  • When setting up autopay, go to payment methods and add a payment method. You will need to toggle on the A1 button. This will set recurring monthly payments. Step by step instructions are attached if needed. Payments are deducted on the 3rd/4th of the month.
  • VIA BILL PAY THROUGH YOUR PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT: Set up your community association as a payee c/o Rosewood Management & Consulting Services PO Box 1528 Newark, NJ 0T101-1528. Please list your account number.
  • VIA CHECK PAYABLE TO Your Community Association c/o Rosewood Management & Consulting Services PO
    Box 1528 Newark, NJ 07101-1528. Be sure to include your account number on your check.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why can’t I set up autopay? — When setting up your payment method, make sure you click
    on AI when setting up your payments.
  • I can’t find my community listed. – Please be sure to use your community’s name and not
    Rosewood Management.
  • Do I need to update the payments if I pay via my personal banks bill pay system? Yes,
    the address needs to be updated to PO Box 1528 Newark, NJ 07101-1528
  • Will I incur a late fee on my account? — Every community has a grace period for payments.
    Rosewood Management will work closely with residents to ensure they make the appropriate changes to
    their account prior to assessing late fees.
  • Why am I being charged $2.95 per payment? – If you sign up for autopay, there is no additional
    charge. If you make one-time payments, there is a bank charge of $2.95 for ACH and 3% for credit
    card payments.
  • Do I have to use the Comweb portal for payments? — You can make payments via the comweb
    portal, via your personal banks bill pay system or via check mailed to the lockbox at PO Box 1528 Newark, NJ 0T101-1528. Please ensure your account # is listed on the checks.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Quame Bailey in the accounting department can be reached at qbailey@rosewoodmcs.com. We appreciate you and look forward to working with you this year.