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9/22 Community Update

We wanted to update you on a few items.

At the September meeting the Board approved a contract to repair the entire asphalt trail system, not counting the section repaired last year.  This work will include resurfacing and repairing and replacing where needed and we will send out a notice when that work is to take place.

The bridge replacement project is still in the works. Due to new county regulations related to flood plains we have to get some additional certifications and that has delayed the project. We will keep you posted as that progresses.

Lastly, during the pandemic, during the stay at home orders, we relaxed enforcement of the 48 hour parking rule for non-reserved spots.  We will go back to enforcing that rule starting September 28, 2020. Please make sure you move your vehicles every 48 hours. If you need a temporary exception to that please reach out to PMP.

Carisbrooke Board of Directors

09/22/2020 - 10/14/2020

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting – check back for additional information.


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